A new website for DreamWeavers

Steve at TheWebSmiths was easy to talk to, he listened to all my ideas and came up with loads of good suggestions.

I wanted a feminine feel to our website so colours, graphics and style of typeface were all important to me.

Not having a technical bone in my body Steve did well to put things in a way I understood.

Once he had completed the home page we got together again & fine tuned certain things, fonts, colours etc, after which he carried on with the rest of the website, keeping me informed along the way. If I questioned something, Steve always had good commercial reasons behind doing it and was able to explain in easy to understand terms, every detail had been well thought out.

I am more than pleased with the finished result, Steve created the stylish, feminine website I wanted but with all the technical stuff, links, Facebook, Twitter etc we need to ensure this will be a commercial success.

What they do:

Dreamweavers are floral designers & venue stylists across Cheshire, Staffordshire & North Wales. They'll help you transform your chosen venue into your dream setting for your special occasion.