A new website for Xcel Surfaces

Steve at TheWebSmiths is fantastic.

We had a very old outdated website and he's turned it in to an amazing one.

I can't stop looking at it and bragging about it to everyone that will listen.

The time scale in which he was able to do it in is unbelievable.

Even though in the background Steve would be working on many projects, we always felt like ours was the priority.

He is incredibly talented, which if you take a look at his work you will all agree.

Thank you Steve

Natasha Reeves
What they do:

Xcel Surfaces operate nationwide working with play companies, local authorities, holiday parks, schools and nurseries creating new areas in playgrounds and recreation areas.

How I helped:

Xcel Surfaces had an outdated website which didn’t work well on the vast array of devices used for modern day browsing. Their search results had suffered as a result of this as Google now operate a mobile first ranking system.

We came up with a fresh new look and feel for them and with the great completed works images they’ve taken we’ve delivered an eye catching, simple to use website that works seamlessly across all devices.